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Coatings for Balconies and Terraces

Balconies don't have it easy! Because of their exposed positions, they take the brunt of many stresses and strains. Surface fissures soon begin to appear, nitre blisters in the joints, shabby and unsightly paintwork, frost-damaged tiles. Time to renovate …

... and here's how this might look. A coating using one of the Holzapfel-Bauchemie coating system, which have proven themselves again and again over many years. These provide protection against all of the trials and tribulations of balcony life, such as rain, snow, frost, sunshine and heat. Protection that is lasting and reliable. That seals, that fills the fissures and that is highly elastic and - to top it all - very decorative. Whether a smooth, coloured coating with matching coloured chippings or a Colorit Quartz filler. The lasting protection against invading dampness.

Everything is possible! The benefits at a glance:

  • UV-resistant
  • fissure-bridging
  • permits steam diffusion
  • permanently elastic
  • temperature resistant from -40 °C to +90 °C
  • functions without seams or joints
  • thin coating layer
  • wear-resistant and mechanically durable
  • very decorative
  • for new construction and for renovation
  • many design possibilities