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Professional-grade repair

The HBC Profi-Dichtbox is the optimal solution for the sealing of all connections or repairs around your building. Without primer and pretreatment, the liquid plastic seal adheres to almost all substrates. Thus, you can fix leaks with a minimum labor long-term safe .

" Easy - Secure - sealing " on damp substrates without isocyanates, free from hazardous substances and solvents. Applicable as and much more for chimneys, skylights, roof vents, cracks, Gully, balcony, door connections on various substrates, for example, Wood, metal, plaster, concrete or glass.

Processing video

Areas of application

Roof runoff
Glass roof connection
Flat roof with a rain gutter
Roof gutter
Light dome
Swimming pool water overflow
Swimming pool water overflow

Even underwater processable

HBC Profi-Dichtbox can be easily on wet substrates, processed even in standing water . 

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